G-H-I nest


VADER: Kyloe's Your the Turn in Me NJK'17                 MOEDER: So Nice from Dawi's Rhapsody

Otje         So Nice from Dawis Rhapsody               


GEBOREN: 9 mei 2017

REUEN: 3 (Give me Five, Give a Little, Give and Take from Dawi's Rhapsody)

TEVEN: 1 (Ginger Spicey from Dawi's Rhapsody)


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VADER: Ned. kamp. Call Me River du Bois Caïman            MOEDER: Lovely Music from Dawi's Rhapsody

                                               NJK'08 W'09 


 12295429_538398656318402_6508244999546338273_n                  Lovely Music from Dawi's Rhapsody


GEBOREN: 7 oktober 2017

REUEN: 1 (He's A Rebel from Dawi's Rhapsody)

TEVEN: 4 (Heavenly Rose, Heavy Metal, Heart on Fire, Heart and Soul from Dawi's Rhapsody)


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VADER: Ned. kamp. Twinkle Thunderball Kuburumba                 MOEDER: Terra's Eve from Dawi's Rhapsody

              NJK'12, CW'12, W'12

Twinkle                       Sterre 

GEBOREN: 3 maart 2018

REUEN: 5 (Idylic Ingo, Imroy Ibbo, Irvine Blue, Imagine Ian, Indian Spring from Dawi's Rhapsody)



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